Internet Coverage


Silicon Valley Internet. California Foothills View.

Residents in remote areas of California’s Lake Tahoe and foothills face a variety of challenges when they’re looking for broadband wireless internet including reliability, ease of installation, customer service, and…

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Oasis Broadband Internet Starlink Comparison

Satellite, Starlink & Broadband: Getting Internet to Rural and Remote Areas

The internet was supposed to change the world, and it’s done that, but in some cases not everyone’s world has completely transformed, simply because the internet service to which they…

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Nevada Internet Connections

Connecting Communities in Nevada County with High Speed Internet

Oasis Broadband has been providing high speed internet service in the rural Sierra Foothills and High Mountain areas for almost 20 years. We were the first company to provide high…

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Oasis Broadband - Nevada County Expansion

Nevada County & Sierra Business Council Award Grant for Rural Internet Expansion to Oasis Broadband

Nevada County and the Sierra Business Council have announced Oasis Broadband internet will receive a grant to help expand access to Nevada County internet services throughout our unserved and underserved…

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Oasis Hot Spot

What is a Mobile Hotspot and Why is it Better than a Cellular Hotspot?

Straight Talk on How Your Internet Works – #AskOasisInternet Internet Access needs to grow and evolve to match new consumer demands. Covid has accelerated this process. Wifi hotspots, also known…

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Frustrating Internet

What are the Different Types of Internet and why does Oasis Broadband use Fixed Wireless?

Straight Talk on How Your Internet Works – #AskOasisInternet This article is going to dive into the different methods that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use to transmit broadband internet service…

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Oasis Broadband - What is Broadband Internet?

What does “Broadband” Mean and What is the “Backbone” of the Internet?

Straight Talk on How Your Internet Works – #AskOasisInternet Living in the technology saturated modern-day world I’m sure you’ve heard terms such as broadband, fixed wireless and cable internet thrown…

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Gold Medal Snowboarding & Internet

Gold Medals… in Snowboarding & Internet Service

While 2018 Winter Olympics Gold Medalist snowboarder Redmond “Red” Gerard, the youngest winter Olympian to win gold since 1928, may not be like your average American, Red, like the rest…

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