Gold Medal Snowboarding & Internet

Gold Medals… in Snowboarding & Internet Service

While 2018 Winter Olympics Gold Medalist snowboarder Redmond “Red” Gerard, the youngest winter Olympian to win gold since 1928, may not be like your average American, Red, like the rest…

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Determining Data: How much do you really need?

Straight Talk on How Your Internet Works – #AskOasisInternet Q: How much data do I really need? A: There can be a lot of confusing aspects of Internet Service —…

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Oasis Broadband Internet Speeds Use

How Fast Should My Internet Really Be?

Straight Talk on How Your Internet Works – #AskOasisInternet Q: How fast should my broadband speeds be? A: If you aren’t familiar with exactly how the internet works, packages that…

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Internet Speed

The Need for Internet Speed: Upload, Download and How COVID-19 Usage Has Affected Our Expectations

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed almost everything, from the way we work, to the way we socialize, to the way we go about daily tasks like grocery shopping. With the…

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COVID, Kids at Home & A Reliable Internet Miracle

COVID-19 has presented many challenges for everyone. Homes have become jobs, schools, gyms, restaurants, and safe havens. One thing that makes having to remain at home a bit easier is…

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Why Can’t People Hear Me on Zoom?

Straight Talk on How Your Internet Works – #AskOasisInternet Q: People I’m having video conferences with say my audio and video are cutting out and lagging. How can that be…

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