Oasis Broadband Home Internet

The perfect location deserves perfect internet

  • Services starting at $45 per month
  • Wireless networking, home office solutions, streaming and more in remote communities
  • Friendly, local customer support

High Speeds When You Need It Right Where You Are

We go where you go.

We provide internet where you need it and work to find the best solutions.

  • An affordable alternative to satellite and 4G cellular
  • Reliable internet access 24/7
  • Speeds of up to 50Mb per second
Internet anywhere

When Unlimited is not Unlimited

Say No to Slow

Other providers slow you down once you’ve hit a limit. Our technology allows you to experience stellar speed, service and reliability no matter how much data you use.

Data Forgiveness

Oasis forgives you when you go over your plan. We don’t penalize you for unplanned overages.


Home FreedomConnect

Wireless Router hardware + router installation + connection to all devices, including NEST, Ring Smart TVs, surveillance and more.

HomeConnect Packages

We’ve got you covered from the simplest basic needs to more complex streaming, gaming and high performance.


Buy data bundles for when you’re at your home away from home and when you’re not.

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