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Meet Oasis Fiber Class Internet

  • Three Different Ways to Access Fiber
  • Speeds Up to 1Gb/s
  • Fast Upload AND Download
  • Reliable for Peace of Mind

#1 Access Business Fiber

Work Becomes Play with Internet this Fast.

Almost anyone can get Business Fiber but it's expensive. A 50/50 Mb/sec connection might cost $600-$700/month. Higher speeds up to 1000 Mb/sec are available with correspondingly higher prices. If your company is paying, this is definitely the way to go.

Not the choice for you? Check out our other options below.

Mountain Office

Fiber is Perfect for Designers, Programmers, Real Estate, Lawyers and Anyone Who Needs to Frequently Upload and Download Files.

Oasis Broadband - Community Broadband

#2 Share Community Fiber

Share Fiber with Neighbors for Big Savings.

One home in a community serves as a Business Fiber host. The host broadcasts access to a cluster of homes around it, usually no more than two miles away. The cluster of homes who opt in to benefit from the host access then share in the cost.  It requires a little neighborly coordination, but Oasis walks you and your cluster through the process.

#3 Become a Community Fiber Founder

Start Solo. Spread the Word. Share to Save.

Don't want to wait for a cluster to form in your neighborhood?  Invest in Business Fiber for yourself to begin with.  Then, if you like, invite neighbors to join your own cluster with you serving as the host. One by one you'll reduce your own costs as you add those nearby you. Decrease your cost on your own schedule with no effect on speeds.

Oasis Broadband - Every Device

The Growing Oasis Fiber Class Footprint

Explore our growing Fiber Class Internet footprint.  Red means Fiber Class Internet is already up and running in the location. Blue is getting ready to launch, and Green indicates interested parties in a community.

See if there is Fiber interest in your neighborhood.

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Best in Internet and Customer Service

"AT&T's outdated infrastructure (DSL) was totally inadequate for today's internet needs. Oasis Broadband was a dream come true after years of poor internet service. I can now work from home with confidence! In addition, their responsiveness to an issue was immediate and complete. Get on board!"

John in Tahoe Vista

"What a pleasant surprise! Before Oasis, working from home was frustrating because I was using my phone data to access the Internet. I am so happy we made the decision to go with Oasis. Fast internet and, most important, reliable!”

Catherine in Colfax

"The addition of Oasis broadband to our neighborhood has been wonderful. The installers were great, very accommodating and even helped us set up our server. The service has been flawless even with several streaming services going at once no letdowns. I can finally work from my home in paradise with video calls and large email files. Highly recommend."

Monte in Tahoe Vista

"I had no real internet options at either my home or my business. We struggled with cellular hotspots at both locations until Oasis rolled out its 5G systems. Our kid's stream at home with no problems even on the basic Oasis Broadband package at only $65/month and now I can process credit card transactions and stream with no glitches at the business."


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