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Frequently Asked Questions

Anything. You stream in HD, play any massive multiplayer games, move big files and video conference. There’s nothing you can’t do.

It’s a secure as you need it to be. Add a VPN and you have complete snoop-proof data and messaging from your computer until we put your traffic on the Internet.

It depends on where you are but home service is now at 50 mb/sec download and 10 mb/sec upload in some areas where we offer 5G+. Businesses can get even more.

It’s a method of getting internet to your home that avoids the slow phone lines used for DSL. It is a huge improvement over slow-feeling and expensive satellite internet and makes overage charges on your phone a thing of the past.

We use a variety of different transceivers that are mounted on the outside of your home like a satellite dish, but in most cases our equipment is much smaller.

Only if you have never had broadband internet before. Be prepared to be amazed. The frustration of slow satellite internet making you wait a few seconds every time you click will be gone. Sorry, but you’ll have to find another excuse for not attending video conferences because they work flawlessly on our system!

Size: approx. 9.8 x 9.8 x 3.2 inches

Only long enough to cancel your old internet service.

Some of our plans are unlimited.

IT IS NOT. We are real internet at real prices. Satellite has low data caps, delays, capacity problems and costs a lot for just a little.

No, our outdoor radio is your new modem.

2-4 hours

We are available almost anywhere in the US.

WiFi is the technology that lets you connect your phone, computer and any other device in your home back to your router. Our service uses proprietary wireless protocols that you could call WiFi on steroids.

  • All three are "always on", but that’s where the similarities end.
  • Cable and DSL both use wires to connect to your home. We use our own local wireless towers to beam internet right to your home.
  • DSL has a poor price to performance ratio, lower data caps, and is becoming unreliable as phone lines expire due to age.
  • Cable companies advertise fast speeds but often don’t deliver at peak times. And, their customer support is, well, you know, it’s a cable company.


Best in Internet and Customer Service

"Even in the deepest darkest recesses of Olympic Valley (Shirley Canyon Road) and w/ >200% snowfall, our internet service has been flawless. Rock on!”

Kurt in Olympic Valley

"Thank you to the entire Oasis team for the fast response to my inability to connect as we test new technology in Tahoe Donner. Really excellent service!”

Stacy in Tahoe Donner

"Oasis has an excellent and friendly customer support team.  They provide internet in geographically challenging areas, and their technical teams are quick to troubleshoot any problems.”

Brenda in Tahoe City

"Oasis was willing to try out a variety of configurations to see what would work best with our existing equipment and our location relative to the connecting towers. The result has been a strong, fast and reliable Internet."

Ron in Meadows Vista

"Internet service for the Alpine Peaks area that works! The Oasis staff has been very helpful and responsive."

Kurt in Alpine Peaks / Tahoe City

I was truly impressed when, during unprecedented winter storms that were accompanied with several long power outages, the Oasis service guys twice went well beyond their call of duty and re-established our service quickly, so our snowed-in guests were reconnected with the outer world.

Klaus in Tahoe Donner

Communication about any outages has been consistent and informative.

Jeff in Truckee