About Oasis Broadband

Our vision is to deliver world‑class Internet connections and amazing customer service anywhere people want them.

Our Mission

Oasis Broadband’s mission is to provide remote areas with the kind of Internet access and customer service they really want, not just the best they can get, to show that Internet companies can be a pleasure to work with and to ensure that once a customer gets our service, they never want to leave.

Mountain Office
Mountain Office

Our History

Oasis Broadband is a telecommunications and data services company serving remote West Coast communities, including the Sierra Nevada and Foothills areas.

Since 2002, Oasis Broadband has used advanced wireless and wireline technologies to deliver reliable, secure broadband Internet, data and voice service primarily to residents and business in non-urban markets.

Best in Internet and Customer Service

"It's good....much better than competition!"

Lloyd, Oasis Roam Unlimited User in Truckee

"The installation crew was exceptional. Arrived on time, courteous, accommodating, very professional and thorough in their work. Couldn't have had a better installation crew. Happy to report back after a few months of usage."

Evan, Oasis Roam Unlimited User in Truckee

"We have wandered through the Internet Wilderness for a long time before we found Oasis. Finding functional Internet service for our newly constructed home has been a challenge and we have investigated an array of technologies for our location – wired DSL and cable, fixed wireless, high-orbit satellite and various cellular connections. Up to now, these options have only offered expensive service, very slow speeds, and/or failures to connect.

We were running out of options. Then we found Oasis. They are local, they have reasonably priced plans and they have very helpful staff. Oasis was willing to try out a variety of configurations to see what would work best with our existing equipment and our location relative to the connecting towers. The result has been a strong, fast and reliable Internet connection for our work needs and streaming entertainment. We highly recommend Oasis Broadband - This Oasis is No Mirage."

Ron, Oasis Roam Unlimited User in Meadows Vista