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"Oasis has been a game-changer! My daughter Tieghan and I have an online food blog called Half Baked Harvest as well as a popular Instagram account. We put out a new post every day and going into town to work when in Tahoe was not fun. Having fast reliable internet really is a must in our family being able to stay here. So much so that Red was even considering selling the house. He tried purchasing a cell phone solely for the purpose of accessing more data for the house…which was not a good solution. Oasis really was such a saving grace for us. Right now we have twelve people staying in the house... all using the Internet and downloading content. Oasis’s Service has been able to handle all of us without any issues.”

Jennifer Gerard, Snowboarding Olympic Gold Medalist Red Gerard's mother, in Tahoe

"Dependable, cost effective Internet where no internet existed previously. I'd say they've gotten out in front of a rather large rush of people now trying to figure out how to work and play from anywhere and everywhere. Even better, the people are responsive, competent, and pleasant. I'm lucky to have found them and can't recommend them enough in the Truckee area."

Patrick in Truckee

"The addition of Oasis broadband to our neighborhood has been wonderful. The installers were great, very accommodating and even helped us set up our server. The service has been flawless even with several streaming services going at once no letdowns. I can finally work from my home in paradise with video calls and large email files. Highly recommend."

Monte in Tahoe Vista

"Oasis Broadband was a great improvement to our Meeks Bay location. The system has been been very reliable even during our work from home confinement when multiple devices have been running."

Ralph in Meeks Bay

"Performance has been excellent and I finally have hi-speed Internet at home after years of suffering with a low speed and unreliable DSL from AT&T. Support from Oasis has been fast and effective and it is great to be able to interact with a real person."

Jean-Paul in Tahoe Vista

"The 5G Oasis Broadband has been much more reliable than the previous generation. Finally, we have good internet on Donner Summit. "

Karen in Donner Summit

"We have recommended Oasis to many neighbors; we could not get fast and reliable internet until now."


"Our service is dependable. We have had absolutely no problems - thank you so much!"


"Wow! I went from having extremely slow DSL to amazing fast internet! I have now uploaded files that used to not load due to lack of speed, streamed movies/tv shows easily and been apart of zoom meetings that don't digitize or freeze me out! Completely amazing service!"

Kerrian in Tahoe Vista

"Oasis broadband saved my sanity. I was having a terrible time trying get fast, reliable service in GLENSHIRE and now my kids can finally entertain themselves and business calls never get dropped! I highly recommend their services to everyone, especially people with DSL. My days of frustration are gone!"

Kim in Glenshire

"Dependable service finally reaches Alpine Meadows."

Chuck in Alpine Meadows

"Oasis worked with me to hook up our rural neighborhood. I appreciate their transparency and willingness to walk through the entire process. Our internet is hooked up and we’re happy with the service."

Verb Cabin in Tahoe Vista

"It has been so pleasant around our house now that I'm not constantly hearing my husband complain about our internet connection lagging! We have tried literally every provider in the Grass Valley area and you guys are the only company that can keep up with our heavy usage. It has been wonderful to finally have a real connection to the internet. Thank you so much."

Abby in Grass Valley

"I had no real internet options at either my home or my business. We struggled with cellular hotspots at both locations until Oasis rolled out its 5G systems. Our kid's stream at home with no problems even on the basic Oasis Broadband package at only $65/month and now I can process credit card transactions and stream with no glitches at the business."


"We love using Oasis internet. It’s really fast, and we haven’t had any issues at all with our service. They are very responsive when we have any questions, we would definitely recommend this service."


"I sincerely appreciate all of your help! You went above and beyond to help us resolve the problems we were having, and I can’t say how much that means considering how hard it is to work with large companies such as ATT. I feel confident that we will be long term customers."


"That level of care cannot be bought - it has to come from within."

Lynn in Colfax

"I look to remain in place with you folks indefinitely; so keep up the good work."

Loyce in Auburn

"Oasis Broadband has been a lifesaver. We were juggling multiple 4G hotspot accounts, paying a fortune and not getting what we needed. Now we get great speeds for everything that we are now doing at home. Could not be happier."


"I’m thrilled to have Oasis back. They weren’t available in our neighborhood for some time but we just got on their new 30mbps service and it’s been a huge improvement over the 8 hour failed downloads I had on DSL at less than 1mbps. Thank you!"


"The new service is excellent. You have my compliments, sir. This is unbelievable. Working from home is a dream."

Mike R.

"I just want you to know that we just installed Oasis Broadband in our Alpine Meadows rental home in December 2010. Through all of the snow that we have had it has worked flawlessly."

Carol in Alpine Meadows

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