Troubleshooting App

Download our troubleshooting app, RouteThis Helps, to help diagnose and fix network issues 24/7.

  • Speed issues
  • Video buffering
  • Wireless (WiFi) coverage issues
  • Devices that drop off the network

RouteThis Helps Guide

Step 1

Download the free RouteThis Helps app onto your phone or tablet from the Apple app Store or Google Play:

Once installed, open the app and click Begin. You will then be asked to enter a code. Please use the code: OAIS.

Begin Screen
Code Screen

Step 2

Select Network Scan to start the diagnosis. Make sure you are standing next to your router (about 3 feet away) before starting the scan. The scan takes about 2 minutes. Do not minimize the app of check notifications while the scan is running.

Menu Screen
Scan Running Screen

Step 3

When the scan completes you will see a screen displaying your speed test result. Remember you can look up your plan speed under "My account". Remember, wireless speeds are expected to be about 10-20% slower than your wired speeds.

To see suggestions on how to improve your network speed and coverage, click improve network health at the bottom of the screen. Follow the instructions on the following screen to improve your network!

Self Help Issue List Screen
Self Help Main Screen

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