How Oasis Broadband is Revolutionizing Wireless Connectivity

One of the most difficult aspects of obtaining wireless connectivity lies within outdoor elements, such as buildings, trees, and terrain. This is especially true for those who live on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, as the surrounding scenic beauty tends to obstruct wireless signals.

Fortunately, Oasis Broadband utilizes a next-gen fixed wireless access platform to overcome the above obstacles that typically undermine high-speed wireless broadband. It also delivers a wireless broadband data link that provides fiber-level performance – without the price tag and slow deployment times.

Think of it like a supercomputer inside of a radio, as it’s comprised of the following:

  • Silicon
  • Custom digital signal processing chips
  • Innovative software algorithms
  • Antennas and radio arrays

In layman’s terms, you’ll be able to receive fast internet connection speeds, even if your yard is filled with trees.

So, How Does It Exactly Work?

Oasis Broadband collects multiple versions of the signal as they bounce off obstacles to recreate a better, stronger one. Most types of equipment don’t have this capability, which is why they seldom perform well through obstructions.

Is the Setup Process Difficult?

Not at all! Our team follows these three easy steps so you can receive fast internet speeds in no time:

  1. We mount a base node radio on our tower, which delivers consistent high-performance internet and gigabit-class speeds.
  2. We’ll then connect our base node to a remote node radio in your home.
  3. After you’re connected to high-speed internet, we’ll be available to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Ready to Elevate Your Internet Speed?

Learn more about how Oasis Broadband can increase the speed and reliability of your internet services on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe today.