Starlink vs Oasis: Why Choose Oasis

Out of the box, SpaceX’s satellite internet option, Starlink, might seem to live up to the hype with its sleek satellite dish, easy plug-and-play connection, and well-designed app. But what might look like a promising solution—especially to those living and working in remote corners of the globe starved for high-speed internet connectivity—is not without its pitfalls. Here’s a look at some of Starlink’s challenges and limitations, and why Oasis Broadband offers a better solution.

Solar Flares: A Disruptive Threat
Solar flares are powerful bursts of energy from the sun, and have been known to disrupt Starlink satellites, rendering them inoperable for extended periods. In 2022, a solar flare caused a significant outage for thousands of Starlink users, highlighting the vulnerability of this technology to natural phenomena.

Limited Sky View Requirements
Starlink’s satellite dishes require an unobstructed view of the sky to function effectively. This poses a significant challenge for users in densely populated areas or those with obstructions like trees or buildings where outages can be up to 80% of the time!

Financial Burden
Starlink’s current pricing structure, with its upfront equipment costs of $500 and monthly subscription fees at over $100/month, makes it an expensive option compared to traditional terrestrial internet services.

Susceptibility to Weather Conditions
Starlink’s transceivers, the devices that connect users to the satellite network, can be rendered inoperable by heavy snowfall. Although they have a heater, they can be overwhelmed when snowfall exceeds a few inches. This poses a significant challenge for users in regions with harsh winters, where reliable internet connectivity is crucial.

Yes, there is a Starlink under there!

Light Pollution Concerns
The constellation of Starlink satellites has raised concerns among astronomers, who fear that the increased light pollution it creates will hinder their ability to observe celestial bodies. This issue is particularly acute for deep-sky observations, where even faint light sources can significantly impact the quality of data collected.

Network Congestion and Speed Drops
As the number of Starlink subscribers increases, so does the demand on the network. This can lead to congestion and slower speeds, particularly during peak usage periods. While Starlink has plans to expand its satellite constellation to address this issue, it remains a concern for potential users.

PC Magazine reports that Starlink users are reporting speeds as low as 30Mb/sec in many US regions, “The slower speeds are likely because these localities are still facing congestion issues with too many Starlink subscribers stretching the internet service’s capacity. As a result, broadband quality can suffer during peak times of the day.”

Why Choose Oasis?
While Starlink shows some promise as an important communication solution (if it can move past its limitations), Oasis Broadband is already bridging the digital divide and bringing high-speed internet to rural areas with high-quality, fiber-class internet services. Here’s how:

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1 GB/s Fiber-Class Internet Speeds
Our secret to delivering fiber-level internet to remote locations lies in our next-generation fixed wireless access platform, which provides speeds of up to 1 GB/s (1,000 Mbps).

High-quality connectivity even in remote areas
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We aren’t a national corporation and we’re locally owned and operated. We understand your needs because they are ours too.

Let Oasis Transform the Way You Internet

With Oasis, you don’t have to worry about solar flares, limited sky view requirements, harsh weather, or network congestion. You get reliable, high-quality internet services at lightning speeds for your home, business, or home office. See what packages we offer in your neighborhood.