Real. Local. Fiber Internet Success Stories.

When we tell prospective customers how we are finding ways to get fiber internet to remote locations in the Foothills and Lake Tahoe area, we hear, “Good luck with that, let us know how it goes.” We get it! Until they hear of successes, they’re skeptical that we can even deliver what we promise. We spent some time talking to our first fiber internet customers to get their feedback on how moving to Oasis Broadband changed their remote internet experience. 

Uncompromising Customer Service

The biggest risk when going out on a limb is not having anyone there to support you if something goes wrong. In terms of internet providers, that support is Customer Service. Who is answering your call when you need help? Even customers who are unhappy with their current internet provider feel trapped because there are so few options for internet in remote locations. 

Holly, an Oasis customer,  has a home in Truckee.  She had spent over 20 years in such a situation. “Dealing with Suddenlink was just terrible. We were calling customer service a lot. The actual internet was okay, but if it did go down, the customer service was terrible.” The main issue is that they were just “nonresponsive” and when your job is waiting on your internet to come back up, not getting a response is just not an option.

In her experiences with Oasis, when she did need to speak to customer services, she explained the technician was “always very nice and it felt like a company that cares about their customers.” Our focus is getting reliable internet to users in remote, hard to reach areas. We know this comes with hiccups and that makes Customer Service even more of a priority for our team. If something does go wrong, we want our customers to know we are ready right away to make it right. 

Breaking Up with an Old Provider

“Until Oasis, we didn’t have any other options. It was pretty much just one other company.” Sound familiar? The same situation of a customer feeling trapped with a poor internet service provider. “Reliability from Suddenlink was horrible, on and off all the time, calling customer service was so frustrating.” This was the experience for customer Eric in Truckee. When he finally heard about Oasis, he got in touch right away.

“Devin and the Oasis team, those guys came right out and put up a relay. It was super painless regarding anything from my end. Service was up and running. Seamless.” One of the biggest reasons customers give for why they stay with a sub-par provider is because switching providers sounds like a headache. At Oasis, we know the specific challenges of getting fiber internet to a remote location and we make the installation process as painless for our customers as possible. We want your experience to go from 0 to fantastic internet on Day 1. 

In this customer’s experience, “Reliability went through the roof and the cost actually went down. This is the better product for the better price. Not just in terms of fewer outages, but faster speeds from the start.” When we blushed at the compliment and thanked him for it, he said, “That’s why personal recommendations go so far.” 

The Neighborhood Advocate

Currently, in remote areas, customers are barely coping with internet connectivity using hotspots, satellites and unreliable cable. More and more people are working from remote locations, but slow speeds or dropped signals are jeopardizing their workflow. The problem with everyone piecing together their own internet solution is that none of them are really solutions and no one is thinking about working together. 

Candace, an HOA president of a community in Auburn shared that this was exactly the situation at her community. For over 12 years, she and the residents in her HOA struggled with connectivity and each house was just trying to make it work themselves. She explains that “depending on the line of sight, where the towers were, someone across the street who’s lower or faces a different direction, would have to work with a different company. It was always something.” 

Enter the Neighborhood Advocate. A homeowner in the area approached the HOA and said their family were going to be bringing Oasis Broadband to their home. She explained Oasis Fiber Clusters and how the whole development could connect to high-speed, reliable internet as part of a cluster. “It was a no-brainer.” 

“Our development is still developing and is comprised of people who work from home who require high powered internet to upload documents. Another resident works on video games and requires high speeds for her graphic design.” Oasis Broadband Fiber Clusters were just the solution to get this entire development onto reliable, high-speed internet! And they aren’t the only ones. Stay tuned to hear how other clusters have come together to bring neighborhoods in our region the fastest, most reliable fiber internet around.

You don’t have to feel stuck with unreliable internet, or a provider who gives very little effort to customer service. The Oasis Team has been working with families and communities in the Foothills area and the buzz is getting around. If you’re still not sure how Oasis can be your solution, reach out to our team for more information!