Silicon Valley Internet. California Foothills View.

Residents in remote areas of California’s Lake Tahoe and foothills face a variety of challenges when they’re looking for broadband wireless internet including reliability, ease of installation, customer service, and technical support. 

Adrian – a member of the Silicon Valley tech community – found the solution to these challenges in one place: Oasis Broadband. Adrian was looking to improve internet access at his second home in Truckee. After contacting Oasis’s sales department, Adrian and sales team member Daniel had a lengthy conversation about the different services we offer and the plan which would best suit his needs.

Selecting the right plan was easy enough, at which point our Scheduling Department took over and scheduled his installation. Because time was of the essence, he asked if Oasis could schedule an expedited and very specific date. 

“The date fell within my tight constraints,” said Adrian, “that amazed me.”

On the day of installation, Don and Emily showed up and discovered that there was an obstacle in the way – a large tree that would block the transmission of the wireless signal. Not put off by this challenge, the two got to work. The solution was simple, but would take extra time – move the equipment to another location to establish a clear line of sight.

“They would need an extra day, which wouldn’t normally be a problem,” said Adrian. “However, I had driven from Silicon Valley and had to overnight in Truckee, and I hadn’t planned on coming back a second time.”

In order to get the job done and save Adrian a second trip, the team rearranged their schedules and stayed long enough to complete the installation. 

Adrian was thrilled, saying, “they were both professional, and had a delightful can-do attitude that I have found is rare among technicians.” 

As a Silicon Valley citizen, Adrian knows his stuff when it concerns technology – and what he found when his connection was operational amazed him. He measured a 20ms average RTT latency, which he said was on par with his high-speed cable connection in Mountain View.

“This is pretty remarkable, considering how far my Truckee home is from the rest of civilization,” said Adrian. “This is significantly better performance than I’ve seen from suppliers in Lake Tahoe locations.”

In the end, Adrian has recommended Oasis to other tech workers who live in Silicon Valley and own homes in the remote area of Truckee and the greater Tahoe area. With our services, they and other residents in this area can enjoy the solitary beauty and scenery of these picturesque locations and still get world-class wireless internet service.

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