Nevada Internet Connections

Connecting Communities in Nevada County with High Speed Internet

Oasis Broadband has been providing high speed internet service in the rural Sierra Foothills and High Mountain areas for almost 20 years. We were the first company to provide high speed internet in most of North Lake Tahoe, including parts of Truckee, Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, and the many communities around Lake Tahoe. 

Oasis Broadband provides internet service with Fixed Wireless, LTE and fiber technology. Through our relationships with all the major fiber optic cable owners we can provide business Fiber to almost any address in the entire region. 

We are truly dedicated to making high speed internet accessible to everyone in the area, even some who have never had access to anything but dial-up or satellite internet previously. We believe in investing in our community, and in order to better serve the most underserved residents in our area we have started applying for various grants.

Nevada County Grant Program

We won our first grant from Nevada County in 2019. With this grant money, we were able to provide the Prosser Dam community with high speed internet.

Nevada County 2021 Last Mile Broadband Grant

We recently won Nevada County’s 2021 Last Mile Broadband Grant. This grant program is designed to provide Internet Service Providers with the resources to invest in building broadband infrastructure in remote areas in order to support economic development, public safety, remote learning, telehealth services, and overall community prosperity in Nevada County. 

The Last Mile Broadband Grant allows us to provide service to the three sub-communities of Russell Valley, Dog Valley and Klondike Flat in the northern reaches of Eastern Nevada County that have been ignored by other cable and DSL providers due to their extreme remote and isolated locations. 

The areas we have chosen to provide service for using the grant money are some of the most remote, least inhabited parts of the county. Suddenlink does not offer service anywhere near this area. ATT doesn’t have any DSL facilities nearby. Satellite service may be available for those with the right vantage point to the sky, but it does not work reliably for important things like distance learning with Zoom. Most people in this area are surviving on 4G Cellular plans, which can cost as much as $250 a month and aren’t very reliable in this area due to reception problems.

Oasis Broadband actually has network elements near this community that just need to be extended to a new site to service the entire area. We will expand this infrastructure by building a tower on private land to reach the subject areas.  

The Oasis team will deploy two wireless technologies at the proposed access site. 5Ghz Line-of-Sight high performance technology will provide the absolute fastest speeds possible and a second technology, 3.65 LTE non Line-of-Sight technology will provide as much wireless coverage as possible for residents that have occlusion issues from dense trees or other factors. 

This project is projected to cost $124,853, so winning the Last Mile Broadband Grant is a huge deal for us! We’re honored to lead the technological transformation of Dog Valley, Klondike Flat, and Russell Valley by developing Fixed Wireless service available to the residents and businesses in these communities at an affordable cost. We hope to be providing new and improved services as early as the fall of 2021.

2021 Nevada County Grant for Donner Summit

We recently applied for  this grant, and we are hoping to receive the go-ahead this summer. With this grant money, we intend to provide service to the Donner Summit area, which is currently covered by a loose and ineffective patchwork of DSL, satellite and 4G hotspots.

We selected Donner Summit for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the lack of internet service in that area has hindered its potential for tourism and business growth. 

With this grant money, Oasis Broadband plans reach remote homesites as well as “main street” locations. The network can also be expanded with additional transmitters to dramatically increase capacity in new areas for the purposes of serving businesses or homes that may appear in the future. 

Oasis Broadband Truly Cares About The Communities We Serve 

Oasis Broadband is truly committed to making high speed internet accessible to everyone in our community, including homes and businesses, by expanding services, including Fixed Wireless and fiber optic offerings. 

We are incredibly proud of winning these grants and the opportunity they provide us to expand access to internet services throughout these unserved and underserved regions. What can we say? We love investing in our community!

If you want to learn more about Fixed Wireless or figure out the best package to meet your needs, enter your zipcode here to find the Oasis Broadband Services available for your location.