Keeping the Internet Up When the Snow Comes Down

Keeping the Internet Up When the Snow Comes Down

The snow season is always a doozy here, but 2021’s Snowmageddon surprised even the most seasoned of residents. 

It made us all ask “How can you be confident your broadband will stay connected when it counts?”

Let’s face it, broadband is a necessity in today’s work-from-home, school-from-home, everything-from-home world.

But how can rural consumers and businesses ensure that they have reliable broadband service that’s always available, even during blizzards like the famous December 2021 “snowmageddon”?

In this post, we’ll discuss:

  • Internet Access During the Great Snowstorm of 2021
  • Affordable Broadband Technology that Delivers When You Need It
  • Where You Can Go for More Information

Who could forget the great snowstorm of December 2021

It wasn’t that long ago. I-80, and all access and side roads were closed for days. There were power outages. It was a genuine snowmageddon if there ever was one. The manager of Alta Vista Vacation Rentals describes the intensity: 

Of course, the main complication was that nobody had a crystal ball telling how long the closures would actually last, and so we remained on edge for three full days and nights, hoping the big snow blower would come up the road. And even when that is finally happening, the problem is not solved.

One of the few reliable communication channels was broadband internet, at least it was if you’re an Oasis Broadband customer. 

Internet technology that delivers when you need it

There is an interesting mix of broadband technologies in Placer and Nevada Counties and surrounding areas. Residents have seen everything from 4G LTE cell phone networks to wireless, traditional cable, ancient satellite technology, and bleeding-edge satellite technology. 

Dishes get buried in snow, cell technology can be slow and unreliable, and fiber is prohibitively expensive. You name the broadband technology, and Nevada County probably has it. Yes, even DSL.

So what’s the best technology, pricing, and service available for business and residential customers? 

When no one service is available and effective on a massive geographical scale,Oasis steps in to offer a combination of the best-of-the-best technologies at affordable prices with excellent service.

What does reliable service mean during a snowstorm? Here’s what Ian in Chicago Park/Colfax had to say about our service recently:

We stream Amazon Prime shows, link our phones to the WiFi, play YouTube videos, work with clients, and more, SIMULTANEOUSLY, all without the hassles other local providers have.

During our Snowmageddon, as long as my generator was producing electricity, we had internet service. Absolutely invaluable!

At Oasis Broadband, we’re all about reliable, high-performance internet access and exceptional service. That’s why our clients, like Ian, love our service.

So where can you go for more information?

That’s the easy part – give us a call! Oasis delivers high-speed broadband internet service using best-in-class fiber, wireless, and 5G cell technologies. You can count on Oasis for reliable, affordable, high-speed internet access—even during a blizzard!

Don’t get caught without broadband communications.

Whether you’re work-from-home, school-from-home, play-from-home, or all the above, we have flexible options:

  • An affordable, reliable alternative to satellite and 4G cellular
  • Reliable internet access 24/7 – come fire or snowmageddon
  • Speeds of up to 100Mb/sec and soon even 200 Mb/sec in some areas

For nearly 20 years, Oasis Broadband has provided reliable, secure broadband internet, data, and voice services to underserved residential, businesses, and vacation properties in California and across the United States.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. 

Call us at (530) 883-5161 or get in touch online today!