Telco Landline service is likely to disappear. What should you do if you need a landline?

Are you still hanging on to your landline? If so, you are part of an exclusive club with just a quarter of Americans still having a POTS (Plain Old Telephone…

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Father and son play games using Oasis Broadband Internet.

Why Oasis Broadband Should Be Your Go-To Internet Provider for Gaming

Do any of these sound familiar: interrupted gameplay, download delays, poor video quality, missed interactions, lag, and latency? Don’t forget buffering. For rural gamers, streaming struggles are real and put…

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Starlink vs Oasis: Why Choose Oasis

Out of the box, SpaceX’s satellite internet option, Starlink, might seem to live up to the hype with its sleek satellite dish, easy plug-and-play connection, and well-designed app. But what…

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How Oasis Broadband is Revolutionizing Wireless Connectivity

One of the most difficult aspects of obtaining wireless connectivity lies within outdoor elements, such as buildings, trees, and terrain. This is especially true for those who live on the…

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Real. Local. Fiber Internet Success Stories.

When we tell prospective customers how we are finding ways to get fiber internet to remote locations in the Foothills and Lake Tahoe area, we hear, “Good luck with that,…

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Can Internet Connections Be Made Weather-Proof?

When planning for adverse weather and taking all of the necessary precautions, it should be possible to weather-proof an internet connection, right? If you have done your research and found…

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Starlink’s Internet Rollout May Miss a Few Customers

With every advancement in internet technology, the idea is to reach more people with a stronger signal. As the rollout of Starlink satellite internet began, everyone expected this to be…

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Starlink’s Universal Service May Lack That Universal Factor

There were two very specific promises at the arrival of Starlink: capacity and signal. For internet coverage, they are the two most important factors: knowing that you will get a…

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Nevada Internet Connections

Connecting Communities in Nevada County with High Speed Internet

Oasis Broadband has been providing high speed internet service in the rural Sierra Foothills and High Mountain areas for almost 20 years. We were the first company to provide high…

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