Can Internet Connections Be Made Weather-Proof?

When planning for adverse weather and taking all of the necessary precautions, it should be possible to weather-proof an internet connection, right? If you have done your research and found the most reliable-in-all-weather internet provider, you should be able to stream, game and work in even the worst conditions! Finding the most reliable ISP is a matter of seeing how they respond to the issues they have encountered so far, learning how they are taking preventative measures and of course hearing from customer reviews directly.

Weather is unpredictable…but you need consistent internet

Weather is unpredictable and companies won’t be able to prevent weather outages entirely. What a good internet provider can do is absolutely everything so that their customers do not lose signal in adverse weather, and if they do, restore the signal as soon as possible. In less than a year since its rollout, the Starlink satellite system has experienced outages that are leaving new customers rather disappointed. One such outage was explained because satellites were moved out of the path of damaging space debris, which left some customers without service for a period of time. It’s not just weather on Earth that internet companies need to worry about! Along with the regular wind, rain, snow and ice, they now have to anticipate space conditions as well. 

Prevention and preparation keeps your internet up during storms

At Oasis Broadband Internet, we prioritize preventative measures so that we are ready when weather conditions worsen and something goes wrong. Some of our locations have up to 72 hours of battery backup which can be further augmented with generators if needed so that we can maintain our internet service. This means we can stay up even in the most extreme weather. This was especially useful during the snowstorm of December 2021. Oasis customers were the only ones still connected while waiting for the snow plows!

Locals know the weather, landscape and internet challenges best

Finally, along with learning about a company’s outage prevention plan, hearing from customers directly about their experience is the best way to get the most accurate impression of an internet provider. At Oasis Broadband, many of our customer reviews mention specifically how our service stays up in extreme weather conditions. We know the area in Tahoe and the Foothills well and how the weather here can sabotage a good internet connection, so we are working every day to improve it. From preventative measures to real-time repair and responses, Oasis Broadband definitely works the hardest to keep the internet up for its customers!

If you are still searching for the answer to your internet outages, reach out to our team at Oasis Broadband!