Oasis Broadband Brings Fiber-Class Internet Clusters to the Foothills

Oasis Broadband Brings Fiber Internet Clusters to the Foothills

After years of connecting people to high-speed internet in remote Foothills communities, Oasis has made a quantum leap in internet speed and quality with local Fiber Internet Clusters. The cost of bringing Fiber-Class Internet to an unconnected area is a common challenge in our region, but we offer a solution that makes this very best quality internet available to many. 

Don’t Believe You Can Get Access to Fiber-Class Internet in rural Northern California?  

Get ready to be made a believer, because we’re doing it right now. Here’s how it works. One homeowner serves as the host for a Fiber connection. Then, any other homes in the area with Line-Of-Sight (LOS) to the host home (or LOS from a tall tree on their property) tap into that connection. When they do, they (a) cut the price of the connection down, (b) still enjoy high speed broadband due to the economy of scale available from high speed fiber connections, and (c) become a new local Fiber Cluster. The whole group gets the best quality internet at a fraction of fiber internet costs.

The Auburn Fiber Internet Cluster that Started it All

Last year, Oasis Broadband was contacted by a telecommuter north of Auburn near Bell Road who desperately needed better connectivity than any available service provider could offer. She had two 4G connections she switched back and forth between and the signal strength and data budget was still insufficient. After hearing about Oasis Broadband’s Fiber program, she decided to sign up as a Business Fiber customer. We installed our Business Fiber connection in her home, and she immediately started enjoying a 100 Mbps symmetric connection. The Fiber Program helps match nearby interested parties to create clusters, and we identified eight other customers who were ready to make the change. While the initial customer paid the upfront cost for Business Fiber, her monthly bill went down to $150 as did each of the other neighbors’ bills once all eight were online. With the addition of a few more customers, everyone in the cluster will be paying a little more than $100/month for 250 Mbps symmetric speeds OVER FIBER — the fastest, most reliable, most upgradeable and futureproof Internet on the planet. 

As the Number of Fiber Internet Clusters Increase, Access to Speed Goes Up and Prices Go Down

Unlike cable internet, the more customers that join the Fiber Program,the faster the speeds we can offer to more users for lower prices. With Fiber Clusters, we are going to reach more people and connect them to each other and the world. For years, Oasis has been navigating the landscape and employing multiple technologies to combat the terrain and remote nature of properties here. This knowledge and experience will help us create powerful clusters because we consider every possible interruption, obstacle and issue. After all, we have been connecting remote Californians to the Internet for nearly 20 years.

Fiber Internet Clusters are for everyone — those losing DSL during the big shut-down, anyone stuck with a bad fixed wireless operator, laggy slow satellite, variable cellular 4G or even bad cable. The Fiber Internet Cluster concept makes Fiber-Class Internet a cost-effective choice for almost anyone. Oasis Broadband is building the future of the Internet and our next Fiber Cluster starts with you!

Learn more about our Business Fiber Internet or share our Fiber Cluster success with a neighbor and get the conversation started! If you know of someone in rural Northern California who is searching for a better internet solution, you can share this program with them.