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Why Can’t People Hear Me on Zoom?

Straight Talk on How Your Internet Works – #AskOasisInternet

Q: People I’m having video conferences with say my audio and video are cutting out and lagging. How can that be when I have a fast internet connection, and I can see and hear them just fine?

A. It’s a common scenario. You can see and hear everyone on your video conference, but they can’t see or hear you. Why? You have a fast connection speed, so what gives? It may be because of the disparity between your internet upload and download speeds.

Most conventional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will offer 10x more download speed than upload speed. This is an artifact of the historical reality that internet content traditionally flowed 90% into a home, rather than flowing equally in and out. In a two way videoconferencing environment, streaming audio and video has to travel both up and down from the internet. This is why if you have dozens of Mb/s type speeds coming down into your home you may still have poor conferencing results if your upload speeds are too slow. Worse, the upload speeds many ISPs can provide are actually only a fraction of what their service packages claim since most ISPs are now having trouble coping with the new videoconferencing upload demand.

What sets Oasis Broadband apart from other ISPs is that their technology is based on cellular data transmission. Cellular transmission architecture is fundamentally designed to travel up and down at roughly comparable speeds because the technology was invented specifically to carry two-way conversations. This means that with Oasis Broadband, a user’s upload speeds are fast -just like their download speeds- making two-way, high-bandwidth activity like video conferencing seamless and reliable.

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