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COVID, Kids at Home & A Reliable Internet Miracle

COVID-19 has presented many challenges for everyone. Homes have become jobs, schools, gyms, restaurants, and safe havens. One thing that makes having to remain at home a bit easier is a reliable internet connection. Learn how we helped one of our clients get their service up and running contact-free.

The following is inspired by a real customer review from Alpine Meadows, California:

Our family cannot thank Oasis enough for all the help they have provided. As you know, while stay-at-home orders are in place, a reliable internet connection is vital and can even impact whether or not you can remain employed. 

We live near Alpine Meadows, CA, and due to our remote location, we are just on the outskirts of any major ISP provider. Because of the lack of service providers in our area, we had to rely on a cellular hotspot for internet access. In our area the cellular signal is weak, and we couldn’t find one that worked reliably, not to mention the very high data charges.

Essentially, when our stay-in-place orders went into effect, and my wife and I had to rely on the internet to work from home as well as to provide access to schooling for our kids, we knew our hotspot connection just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. We needed something better.

Then, I discovered Oasis Broadband! I spoke with David, who explained that Oasis had been trying to get service to my neighborhood for some time. He promised me that he would see what he could do.

A few weeks later, David sent me an email saying that he may have come up with a solution for us. David explained that Oasis was installing new equipment a few miles away from our home. He said that if we got a new antenna installed on our roof, we would be able to utilize Oasis’s internet services. Oasis sent over their technician, Don, who installed our new antenna, and by the end of the day, we were up and running! David even came by to check on us and make sure our service was everything we hoped it would be.

Now, my wife and I can both work from home, and our kids can attend their classes online. We are so happy we don’t have to worry about our internet cutting off ever again.

Reliable internet is such a vital part of modern life, even in rural areas like ours. We are indebted to Oasis for not only helping us, but we are grateful for how fast they got us up and running. Their customer service is unparalleled. 

And, the best part of all is that the Oasis team was able to get our service started while adhering to social distancing protocols, which are so important right now.   

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