High Speed Internet in North Auburn

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High Speed Internet Where You Need It: North Auburn, California

Oasis understands how hard it can be to get functional, reliable internet where you live, work and play... because we live and work in the region too!

Competitive Packages

Pay only for what you need at the speed you need. Start low and grow as you go.

Data Forgiveness

Unlimited data plans available. Chose the wrong package? Don't worry, we offer data forgiveness.

Unlimited Data and Amazing Speed

Forget slow DSL and bad Wireless. Our latest generation of technology beats all the other wireless providers and offers unlimited data.

Weather Hardened

Multiple redundant access points, backed up by battery and generators means better reliability in extreme weather.

Building a Fiber Class Internet Footprint in North Auburn

This past year, we’ve been working hard to bring additional internet options to residents in our region - North Auburn was home to our first Fiber Cluster - to build out access to Fiber Class Speed internet. Explore our progress and get involved.

Best in North Auburn Internet and Customer Service

"I look to remain in place with you folks indefinitely; so keep up the good work."

Loyce in Auburn

"Finding functional Internet service for our newly constructed home has been a challenge and we have investigated an array of technologies for our location – wired DSL and cable, fixed wireless, high-orbit satellite and various cellular connections. Up to now, these options have only offered expensive service, very slow speeds, and/or failures to connect. We were running out of options.

Then we found Oasis. They are local, they have reasonably priced plans and they have very helpful staff. Oasis was willing to try out a variety of configurations to see what would work best with our existing equipment and our location relative to the connecting towers. The result has been a strong, fast and reliable Internet connection for our work needs and streaming entertainment. We highly recommend Oasis Broadband."

Ron in Meadow Vista

"I’m in a HARD to reach location. Literally at the bottom of a ravine, mountains on either side of me, surrounded by tall trees. The realtor who sold me the property said Internet would be impossible to get. He told all potential buyers this. Long story short, Oasis Broadband brainstormed a way to get me signal, and it has been incredible. Fast and reliable service every day! Since I run an online business as a graphic designer, constantly downloading and uploading large files, I needed service I could count on. Oasis fit the bill like no other, and my family is very grateful! We stream Amazon Prime shows, link our phones to the WiFi, play YouTube videos, work with clients, and more, SIMULTANEOUSLY, all without the hassles other local providers have.

During our Snowmageddon, as long as my generator was producing electricity, we had internet service. Absolutely invaluable!"

Ian in Chicago Park/Colfax

"We almost ended up not moving to Colfax over internet concerns and were so happy when we found Oasis. Oasis is the only internet company in Colfax that provides the speed and reliability I need to work from home on a VPN."

Taylor in Colfax

"I have been with Oasis for nine years now and they have always been responsive to my needs. They even upgraded my receiver a couple of years ago, at a significant cost to them, which truly improved my service. I highly recommend Oasis.”

Geoffrey in Colfax

"Oasis Broadband has been nothing but amazing since moving to a rural area. I work from home and have no issues with speed. I also have 2 gamers in my house. We were concerned about lag issues, but so far, so good. Thank you for great service."

Brittani in Colfax

Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Forest... North Auburn is a Great Place to Live

Oasis Broadband makes sure living here in North Auburn is just as comfortable as a big city with internet services for downtown,  communities or more remote locales.  Setting up a round of golf at the Ridge? Planning some hiking at Canyon View Preserve? Looking for a restaurant near Bell Road? Our internet won't let you down. We’ll work to get you the reliable service you need at the speeds you crave.

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Home FreedomConnect

Wireless Router hardware + router installation + connection to all devices, including NEST, Ring Smart TVs, surveillance and more.

HomeConnect Packages

We’ve got you covered from the simplest basic needs to more complex streaming, gaming and high performance.


Buy data bundles for when you’re at your home away from home and when you’re not.

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