This is NOT a picture of Tahoe or the Foothills.

The Foothills Foto

Community Photo Competition

For over 20 years Oasis Broadband internet has worked out of offices in Truckee and Colfax. We love our beautiful region and want to do our best to represent it through your eyes.

We thought we'd ask our customers to share their favorite images of their hometown or beloved vacation spot, and then thank them for it!

Truckee Internet for ALL Properties

How Does the Photo Contest Work?

1. Snap a local photo of downtown, home, or nature . 

Bonus Include someone using their laptop, tablet or device in the image!

2. Upload it to the photo Competion link.

3. If we select your image for use

in a local campaign, you'll get one free month of internet as a thank you...and everyone in town will see your artistry!

We'll Share All The Submissions Here and On Social!

BUILD LOCAL: Establishing a Fiber Class Internet Footprint in the Foothills

This past year, we’ve been working hard to bring additional internet options to residents from Colfax to Auburn to Truckee as we build out access to Fiber Class Speed internet. Explore our progress and get involved.

PARTNER LOCAL: To Bring Better Internet to ALL

Oasis Broadband Brings Fiber-Class Internet Clusters to the Foothills

Oasis Broadband Brings Fiber Internet Clusters to the Foothills

After years of connecting people to high-speed internet in remote Foothills communities, Oasis has made a quantum leap in internet speed and quality with local Fiber Internet Clusters. The cost…

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Oasis Partners with Tahoe Timber Trails to Help Close the Internet Gap in Nevada County California

Oasis Partners with Tahoe Timber Trails to Help Close the Internet Gap in Nevada County California

Has there been a day where you haven’t paid a bill online, read the news on your mobile, checked in on social media, researched a website, or joined a conference…

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Oasis Broadband - Nevada County Expansion

Nevada County & Sierra Business Council Award Grant for Rural Internet Expansion to Oasis Broadband

Nevada County and the Sierra Business Council have announced Oasis Broadband internet will receive a grant to help expand access to Nevada County internet services throughout our unserved and underserved…

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