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High Speed Broadband Internet Where You Need It: Truckee, California

We get it. Truckee has mountains, valleys, and everywhere in between. From Tahoe Donner to Martis Peak, Oasis understands how hard it can be to get fast, functional, reliable internet where you live, work and play... because we live and work here too!

Competitive Packages

Pay only for what you need at the speed you need. Start low and grow as you go.

Data Forgiveness

Unlimited data plans available. Chose the wrong package? Don't worry, we offer data forgiveness.

Unlimited Data and Amazing Speed

Forget slow DSL and bad Wireless. Our latest generation of technology beats all the other wireless providers and offers unlimited data.

Weather Hardened

Multiple redundant access points, backed up by battery and generators means better reliability in extreme weather.

Best in Truckee Internet and Customer Service

“Great service and thank you!!”

Barbara in Truckee

“I appreciate your proactive communication about service problems. When my service was set up, your teams went above and beyond for me to make it work, and I deeply valued that extra effort.”

Adrian in Truckee

“The best thing that I can say about our Oasis Internet service is that I never have to think about it. Even through this winter’s record snow, it was as consistent as could be. Thanks, Oasis!”

Brandon in Truckee

“Oasis Broadband is incredible. Full stop. In the second largest winter in history our internet went out for a total of 10 minutes. For real. And when it did Oasis alerted us. They said they were working on the problem. Days later they called to follow up to make sure everything was working proper. I’m pleased to continue working with them.”

Mike in Truckee

“Oasis is amazing. The connection is strong and their service is fast, friendly, and local.”

Stephanie in Truckee

“So far so good! Super good this winter with all of the snow! It does slow down at times. Overall 5* Customer service is great! Thanks Oasis for bringing us a reliable service!”

Kim in Truckee

“Never lost service (knock on wood) during all the storms. Would recommend.”

Angie in Truckee

“We have had great internet service through a tough winter. No issues with the service.”

Rick in Tahoe Donner

“Suffered with SuddenLink for 30 years. So glad to have a choice. Using Oasis for the past 2 months fulltime and very happy. Lots of flexibility with Oasis and my second home in Tahoe Donner”

Robert in Tahoe Donner

“We are so pleased with the new internet service from Oasis. Actually feel like we've entered the 21st century and eliminated bad service from HUGHES. The technicians, Don and Emily, were great, not only were they professionals, but they endeared themselves to our new insecure puppy and entertained us with their tree climb. Thank you!”

Mary in Truckee/Tahoe Donner

"What we have appreciated about Oasis Broadband is not only that they provide faster and less costly Internet access than the satellite provider (Hughes Net) we used before, nor that they are much more reliable than what we hear from other Tahoe Donner members about Suddenlink, but that we can actually get a hold of their service experts when needed, without going through an endless robot and waiting experience, and get knowledgeable hands-on individual help."

Klaus in Truckee/Alta Vista/Tahoe Donner

"I had AT&T DSL for many years; it was adequate for my use but too many disconnections, especially when I connected to my remote office computer. Switched over to Oasis last July. Had some issues with losing connections due to my very old router. Bought a new router from Oasis and everything has been up and running great. The price of Oasis was about the same as DSL with no data cap and much faster download/upload speeds. They have great customer service and tech support."

Ed in Truckee

"Finally broadband that works in Tahoe Donner. Great reliability and service.”

Greg in Tahoe Donner

"Thank you to the entire Oasis team for the fast response to my inability to connect as we test new technology in Tahoe Donner. Really excellent service!”

Stacy in Tahoe Donner

"Thank God for Oasis. We SUFFERED through Suddenlink for years because we could not find an alternative. The happiest day was dumping all the Suddenlink equipment in their office and firing them. The install team was great and support has been terrific.”

Andrea in Truckee

"We live at 7200 feet elevation in Truckee so it was pretty difficult getting this setup to work, but you guys got me working and I couldn't be happier! Love it!”

Vince in Truckee

"I couldn't be happier with Oasis. They are friendly, communicative, and make me feel like they genuinely care about the quality and consistency of my service. I work from home several days a week in Tahoe Donner and have never had any issues with upload or download speeds. After experiencing weeks of disrupted service from other providers, I feel so lucky to have found this company!"

Lindsey in Truckee/Tahoe Donner

"The installation crew was exceptional. Arrived on time, courteous, accommodating, very professional and thorough in their work. Couldn't have had a better installation crew. Happy to report back after a few months of usage."

Evan in Truckee

High or Low Elevations. Wooded or cleared. Internet for All Properties.

Oasis Broadband provides internet services to Truckee neighborhoods including Tahoe Donner, Glenshire, Juniper Hill, Prosser/Pannonia, Martis Peak and beyond. Whether you are in an established community, downtown or a quiet remote peak, we’ll work to get you the fast internet service you need.

Truckee Internet for ALL Properties


Home FreedomConnect

Wireless Router hardware + router installation + connection to all devices, including NEST, Ring Smart TVs, surveillance and more.

HomeConnect Packages

We’ve got you covered from the simplest basic needs to more complex streaming, gaming and high performance.


Buy data bundles for when you’re at your home away from home and when you’re not.

Building a Fiber Class Internet Footprint in Truckee

This past year, we’ve been working hard to bring additional internet options to residents in Truckee, including building out access to Fiber Class Speed internet. Explore our progress and get involved.

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