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Tahoe Vista Offers the Best of Everything; Oasis Provides the Internet.

Tahoe Vista is ideal for that escape from it all, but we also know that the perfect vacation or second home needs reliable, high quality internet for streaming by the fireplace after some great boating, skiing or hiking, video calling the family, or catching up virtually on a few things at the office. We cover it all.

Competitive Packages

Pay only for what you need at the speed you need. Start low and grow as you go.

Data Forgiveness

Unlimited data plans available. Chose the wrong package? Don't worry, we offer data forgiveness.

Unlimited Data and Amazing Speed

Forget slow DSL and bad Wireless. Our latest generation of technology beats all the other wireless providers and offers unlimited data.

Weather Hardened

Multiple redundant access points, backed up by battery and generators means better reliability in extreme weather.

Building a Fiber Class Internet Footprint in Tahoe Vista

This past year, we’ve been working hard to bring additional internet options to residents in Kingswood and Tahoe Vista including building out access to Fiber Class Speed internet. Explore our progress and get involved.

Best in Tahoe Vista Internet and Customer Service

"Oasis has been incredibly stable and performant through this incredible winter. Zero outages and no noticeable slowdowns. And with all of the weather we stayed in streaming movies more than usual. My only concern was a massive 2 story icicle right by my Oasis radio - fortunately it calved without hitting the equipment.”

Chuck in Tahoe Vista

"Oasis has been 100% reliable during this winter of continuous blizzards, with winds over 100 mph and snowfall over 54 feet. Very happy with this service. Thank you!”

Brenda in Tahoe City

"Excellent service!! Works like a champ.”

Robert in Tahoe Vista

"We were one of the first ones in our neighborhood to contract with Oasis Broadband for our internet.  The people we have dealt with were professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and polite.  The Internet service has been very reliable, even during raging snowstorms.  We are very pleased and we highly recommend them!”

Nancy in Tahoe Vista

"Thank you for such great service. The installation was very professional and I've seen a vast improvement over AT&T DSL. Nice to have high-speed WiFi in Tahoe.”

Michael in Tahoe Vista

"The addition of Oasis broadband to our neighborhood has been wonderful. The installers were great, very accommodating and even helped us set up our server. The service has been flawless even with several streaming services going at once no letdowns. I can finally work from my home in paradise with video calls and large email files. Highly recommend."

Monte in Tahoe Vista

"Performance has been excellent and I finally have hi-speed Internet at home after years of suffering with a low speed and unreliable DSL from AT&T. Support from Oasis has been fast and effective and it is great to be able to interact with a real person."

Jean-Paul in Tahoe Vista

"We live in an extremely limited area, no cable etc. so we all jumped on the chance to have decent internet! They really came through, good customer service and the field and phone staff are wonderful. A few glitches but we went in knowing and they are getting less and less frequent! Satisfied,  and they really try hard always, get emails ahead of outages if applicable! Thanks Oasis! Keep up the good work!”

Kim in Tahoe Vista

"Wow! I went from having extremely slow DSL to amazing fast internet! I have now uploaded files that used to not load due to lack of speed, streamed movies/tv shows easily and been apart of zoom meetings that don't digitize or freeze me out! Completely amazing service!"

Kerrian in Tahoe Vista

On the Lake or On the Trail, Oasis Broadband Internet Has Solutions for Your Property.

Oasis Broadband provides internet services to Tahoe Vista rentals, resorts and private homes. We’ll work to get you the service you need.



Home FreedomConnect

Wireless Router hardware + router installation + connection to all devices, including NEST, Ring Smart TVs, surveillance and more.

HomeConnect Packages

We’ve got you covered from the simplest basic needs to more complex streaming, gaming and high performance.


Buy data bundles for when you’re at your home away from home and when you’re not.

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