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  • Wireless networking, home office solutions, streaming and more in remote communities
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Billing flexibility for 2nd homes

Alpine Meadows Offers the Best of Everything; Oasis Provides the Internet.

Alpine Meadows is ideal for that escape from it all, but we also know that the perfect vacation or second home needs reliable, high quality internet for streaming by the fireplace after some great runs or rides, video calling the family, or catching up virtually on a few things at the office. We cover it all.

Competitive Packages

Pay only for what you need at the speed you need. Start low and grow as you go.

Data Forgiveness

Unlimited data plans available. Chose the wrong package? Don't worry, we offer data forgiveness.

Unlimited Data and Amazing Speed

Forget slow DSL and bad Wireless. Our latest generation of technology beats all the other wireless providers and offers unlimited data.

Weather Hardened

Multiple redundant access points, backed up by battery and generators means better reliability in extreme weather.

Building a Fiber Class Internet Footprint in Alpine Meadows

This past year, we’ve been working hard to bring additional internet options to residents in Alpine Meadows, Olympic Valley, and the Peaks including building out access to Fiber Class Speed internet. Explore our progress and get involved.

Best in Alpine Meadows Internet and Customer Service

"For most of the time that we have been home owners in Alpine Meadows (over 20 years) of internet service has been spotty. And there were no viable alternatives. The good news is that over the past couple of years the quality of the service has improved enough to allow for streaming. In fact we canceled our satellite service because of this. And with the installation of the fiber backbone the service had even gotten better. I am quite satisfied with both the quality and price of the Oasis service.”

Bob in Alpine Meadows

"Dependable service finally reaches Alpine Meadows."

Chuck in Alpine Meadows

"I just want you to know that we just installed Oasis Broadband in our Alpine Meadows rental home in December 2010. Through all of the snow that we have had it has worked flawlessly."

Carol in Alpine Meadows

"You guys have been pretty darn good! With service and keeping us informed if there is an outage. Thank you!”

Cherrie in Alpine Meadows

On or Off the Slopes, Oasis Broadband Internet Has Solutions for Your Property.

Oasis Broadband provides internet services to Alpine Meadows rentals, resorts and private homes. Whether you are in an established community, or a quiet remote peak, we’ll work to get you the service you need.

Alpine Meadows Internet for ALL Properties


Home FreedomConnect

Wireless Router hardware + router installation + connection to all devices, including NEST, Ring Smart TVs, surveillance and more.

HomeConnect Packages

We’ve got you covered from the simplest basic needs to more complex streaming, gaming and high performance.


Buy data bundles for when you’re at your home away from home and when you’re not.

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