Tired of Waiting for Your Internet?

Oasis Broadband is now offering High Speed Internet in Olympic Valley.

Packages up to 500 mb/sec are now available without the satellite lag, 4G overload and DSL drop outs.

Say Good-bye to Internet Nightmares


Play, work, watch, connect – anything. With our HomeConnect packages you can do ANYTHING – quickly. Satellite Internet and DSL will soon be a fading nightmare.

2nd HomeConnect

Only at the house a weekend or two per month? Save money over our HomeConnect package but still get the speed you need (Packages have lower data limits).

Go Business Class

Whether you run a business from home or your home like a business, we’ve got you covered. Increased download speeds, increased upload speeds, higher package data limits, static IP addresses and more.

Best in Internet and Customer Service

"Thank you for providing quality broadband internet to rural customers!  Oasis has an excellent and friendly customer support team.  They provide internet in geographically challenging areas, and their technical teams are quick to troubleshoot any problems.”

Brenda in Tahoe City

"For most of the time that we have been home owners in Alpine Meadows (over 20 years) of internet service has been spotty. And there were no viable alternatives. The good news is that over the past couple of years the quality of the service has improved enough to allow for streaming. In fact we canceled our satellite service because of this. And with the installation of the fiber backbone the service had even gotten better. I am quite satisfied with both the quality and price of the Oasis service.”

Bob in Alpine Meadows 

"Dependable service finally reaches Alpine Meadows."

Chuck in Alpine Meadows

"We have wandered through the Internet Wilderness for a long time before we found Oasis. Finding functional Internet service for our newly constructed home has been a challenge and we have investigated an array of technologies for our location – wired DSL and cable, fixed wireless, high-orbit satellite and various cellular connections. Up to now, these options have only offered expensive service, very slow speeds, and/or failures to connect.

We were running out of options. Then we found Oasis. They are local, they have reasonably priced plans and they have very helpful staff. Oasis was willing to try out a variety of configurations to see what would work best with our existing equipment and our location relative to the connecting towers. The result has been a strong, fast and reliable Internet connection for our work needs and streaming entertainment. We highly recommend Oasis Broadband - This Oasis is No Mirage."

Ron in Meadows Vista

"Internet service for the Alpine Peaks area that works! The Oasis staff has been very helpful and responsive."

Kurt in Alpine Peaks / Tahoe City

Good. Better. Best.To Get Fast Internet, Beta Test

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We know your neighborhood wants and needs service now. So we are releasing our services earlier than we normally do when developing an area. That means, we have our foundational services in place and are in the process of building and troubleshooting all the challenges that come with new service establishment. When you sign up for Beta Service, know you are first to test and use our service, but it has not been optimized.

Beta Challenges

When participating in a Beta program, you might experience:

Slower speeds at times
Outages for testing and troubleshooting

Next Steps

Questions? Check out our FAQ.

Ready to sign up?  Installs are first come, first serve. Depending on volume, it may be several weeks till your tree climber install.

Let me know when Beta is complete, then I’ll sign up!

I know it won’t be perfect yet, but I’m ready to sign up now!

Frequently Asked Questions

When building out a new area for service, there is a high volume of questions. Most are answered below. Please review these FAQ, before submitting an inquiry.

We have built our own wireless network right in your community! We used two different technologies – one for super fast speeds and one for penetrating trees.

Home packages are up to 500 Mb/sec which is significantly faster than the service previously available in your area.

When we are convinced of the performance of the network and have optimized our bandwidth, we may release faster home packages that you can easily upgrade to, no matter which package you choose (HomeConnect, 2nd HomeConnect, or Business Class) on your order now, however, you will need “line of site” technology to upgrade later. There is no cost to upgrade later but the packages will cost a bit more.

For those running businesses, a limited number of faster business packages are available now in Beta Test mode.

Oasis Broadband brings great high speed Internet and great customer service to neighborhoods that don’t have standard provider options available. We build custom networks to suit the situation and have been doing so since 2003. We have thousands of customers in rural California.

That’s great! But, if you don’t, you have a 30 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee (except for tree climbing fees incurred). However, 99% of the time we can fix initial problems. If you do really like your service, we ask you to write a review on Yelp, Google or Facebook.

Yes, we can rent or sell you a wireless router, or you can use your own as long as it's compatible with 802.11N standard.

Yes, we’ve never failed at meeting a customer’s needs at getting Internet where it’s wanted. We can do this for you through mesh systems, custom multiple router installations, etc.

Yes, you can get unlimited calling in Canada and the US for $20/month. You can sign up for that when you place an order.