Can’t get Internet Service Where You Are?

Introducing Oasis Roam Unlimited

  • High quality connectivity in remote areas
  • Portable internet goes where you do
  • Got one bar? You’re in.
  • Unlimited data and amazing speed

Say Good-bye to Internet Nightmares


Expensive Satellite

Low data limits
Poor performance
High price


Unreliable Fixed Wireless

Unstable connection
Poor support


Slow DSL

Congested networks
Slow-to-no streaming



Surprise price hikes
Prime time overload

All You Need is One Bar Wherever You Are

Forget national corporations. We’re locally owned and operated with nearly two decades of experience serving small towns and rural community internet needs.

We understand your needs because they’re ours too. It’s why we discovered and then developed an option for remote and travelling friends like you, who need consistent, high quality internet everywhere you go…

and all you need is ONE BAR wherever you are to get it.

With Roam Unlimited Your Internet Goes From Home to Office to On the Road.

Oasis Broadband has the largest network of any Internet provider because we leverage all of the major cell phone carriers' networks. We provide astoundingly high speeds with the ability to do video conferencing, streaming, gaming and of course browsing. We are able to provide very high quality, portable internet service to you wherever your home or office is — remote, suburban, country, mountain or urban across the whole country.


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Best in Internet and Customer Service

"Thank you to the entire Oasis team for the fast response to my inability to connect as we test new technology in Tahoe Donner. Really excellent service!”

Stacy in Tahoe Donner

"Thank you for providing quality broadband internet to rural customers!  Oasis has an excellent and friendly customer support team.  They provide internet in geographically challenging areas, and their technical teams are quick to troubleshoot any problems.”

Brenda in Tahoe City

"For most of the time that we have been home owners in Alpine Meadows (over 20 years) of internet service has been spotty. And there were no viable alternatives. The good news is that over the past couple of years the quality of the service has improved enough to allow for streaming. In fact we canceled our satellite service because of this. And with the installation of the fiber backbone the service had even gotten better. I am quite satisfied with both the quality and price of the Oasis service.”

Bob in Alpine Meadows 

"Dependable service finally reaches Alpine Meadows."

Chuck in Alpine Meadows

"We were running out of options. Then we found Oasis. They are local, they have reasonably priced plans and they have very helpful staff. Oasis was willing to try out a variety of configurations to see what would work best with our existing equipment and our location relative to the connecting towers. The result has been a strong, fast and reliable Internet connection for our work needs and streaming entertainment. We highly recommend Oasis Broadband - This Oasis is No Mirage."

Ron in Meadows Vista

"Internet service for the Alpine Peaks area that works! The Oasis staff has been very helpful and responsive."

Kurt in Alpine Peaks / Tahoe City