We love Truckee and the Foothills.

For over 20 years Oasis Broadband internet has worked out of offices in Truckee and Colfax. We value the citizens, business and land in our beautiful and peaceful region.

In Fall 2022, we showed our appreciation for it all with special opportunities to work, live, play, save, and share, right here in Truckee.

Our celebrations and sale ran through 10/15/22 and a great time was had by all! Thank you to all!

Truckee Internet for ALL Properties

Win Local

Truckee Swag!
Show your love with Truckee style.

Raffle ended 10/1.

Buy Local

Save big when you switch to local Oasis Broadband Internet.

Sale ended 10/15.

Play Local

Join us for Fall fun at Tahoe Donner Festivals.

Events ended 10/8.

Raffle Winners: Truckee Swag

Congratulations to all our winners noted below!

Online Winners

Sean Gollos
Martha Waters
Stacie Renno
Christine Savage
Amiyo Remington
Dennis Moore
Ky Kiefer
Edward Melia
Rieca Tift
Ivy Clark
Kae Collett
Kate Belmonte
Barbara Melia
Mary Faucher

Tahoe Donner Fall Festival Winners

Megan Cronin
Andrea Waltz
Marie Colbert
Leanne Johnson
Jordan Fountain
Aaron Han
Andrew Argryis

PLAY LOCAL: Wild West Fest & Fall Festival

We had great fun at Tahoe Donner’s Wild West Fest on 9/3 & the 11th Annual Fall Festival on 10/8, both sponsored by Oasis Broadband Internet.

Wild West Fest

Wild West Fest

September 03, 2022

Congratulations to Sean Gollo for winning two tickets to the SOLD OUT Tahoe Donner Wild West Fest!!!!

Tahoe Donner Fall Festival Sponsored by Oasis Internet

11th Annual Fall Festival

October 08, 2022

Congratulations to Edward Melia and Martha Walters for winning two tickets each to the Tahoe Donner Fall Festival!!!!

BUILD LOCAL: Establishing a Fiber Class Internet Footprint in the Foothills

This past year, we’ve been working hard to bring additional internet options to residents from Colfax to Auburn to Truckee as we build out access to Fiber Class Speed internet. Explore our progress and get involved.

PARTNER LOCAL: To Bring Better Internet to ALL

Oasis Broadband Brings Fiber-Class Internet Clusters to the Foothills

Oasis Broadband Brings Fiber Internet Clusters to the Foothills

After years of connecting people to high-speed internet in remote Foothills communities, Oasis has made a quantum leap in internet speed and quality with local Fiber Internet Clusters. The cost…

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Oasis Partners with Tahoe Timber Trails to Help Close the Internet Gap in Nevada County California

Oasis Partners with Tahoe Timber Trails to Help Close the Internet Gap in Nevada County California

Has there been a day where you haven’t paid a bill online, read the news on your mobile, checked in on social media, researched a website, or joined a conference…

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Oasis Broadband - Nevada County Expansion

Nevada County & Sierra Business Council Award Grant for Rural Internet Expansion to Oasis Broadband

Nevada County and the Sierra Business Council have announced Oasis Broadband internet will receive a grant to help expand access to Nevada County internet services throughout our unserved and underserved…

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