What Ordering Beta Internet Service Means

Are you ready for Beta Service?

Oasis Broadband is now offering up to 100/20 Mb/sec Beta broadband service in North Auburn. We expect our final fiber connection to be in place shortly and at that time, we will exit the Beta phase of our service and begin delivering the speeds promised by our fastest packages — up to 250/250 Mbps in North Auburn. Residents of North Auburn will also get faster packages after we exit Beta test mode. We will be launching service in North Auburn in the next few months. Over time we hope be able to provide Gigabit class service to all of North Auburn.

“Beta test” means we are not yet able to guarantee performance levels of the highest speed packages. We will also be performing upgrades and changes meaning short periods of downtime are expected.

a)  May periodically be somewhat slower than your package indicates it should be.

b)  May shut off occasionally while we work on things. We will always try to conduct planned outages late at night and we will let you know in advance about any longer scheduled outages.

If you prefer to wait to take service until we have exited our Beta period, please wait to submit your order and send an email to Sales@OasisBroadband.net and let us know you’d like to be added to the list of customers who prefer to have their service installed once the Beta phase is over. When our system is “production ready,” we will send an email to everyone on our email list who hasn’t already signed up to let them know the network is fully productionalized.

If you are ready to order now, please keep the following in mind:

  • We will install customers in the order in which we receive their broadband orders.
  • Depending on how many signups we receive, it may be as long as 2 weeks until we contact you for installation.
  • Depending on how many signups we receive, it may take well over a month to install your equipment. We apologize but we only have so many installers and tree climbers and all of North Auburn wants to be installed tomorrow, which of course we cannot do.
  • We will do our best to respond to questions but please check the FAQ page before calling or emailing any queries. We will be able to respond to email inquiries faster than phone inquiries.

The order link is below and when you are asked for your service zip code please us the special access ordering code 95602BT.